Rol Ergo

ROL Ergo is partnered with the market’s leading office furniture manufacturers. Our solutions are designed to create added value to our customers’ product portfolios and to facilitate sales on all levels.

Rol Fredbergs

We perform turn key projects as well as develop and manufacture complete solutions to meet the needs of clients across a wide range of market: Interior Environments, Concept Development, Project Management and Global Manufacturing Platform.

Manufacturing units

We own a large part of our supply chain. Our manufacturing units are located in Sweden, Lithuania, China and the United States.

Rol Intelligent Office - RIO

Our RIO solution improves the employee experience by creating a better, more effective and healthier workplace. The Virtual Office Assistant helps you to optimize your office and to simplify your daily work.


You got the idea, we got the production capabilities.

Our complete commitment is unique in our industry.

"We regularly get the question of what is common to our companies and investments. The answer is that we see great development opportunities in all our business. Our motivation is to be involved in contributing to the development of companies and the growth of staff in their professional roles, while still having fun at work- to create an appealing and inspiring working environment”.

ROL AB is a privately owned business with a rich history that dates back to 1985. For over 30 years, ROL AB and our subsidiaries have developed and supplied products and solutions used in thousands of retail stores and offices around the world.

Our group of companies has grown, with operations on three continents and clients in many countries. And with that growth comes responsibilities – to our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers, the environment and the communities we work in.

​Our customers are the leading office furniture suppliers on the market – and that’s no coincidence. ROL Ergo is the world’s top supplier of custom-made electric sit-stand table stands.

We develop our own control systems and furniture design, which means that we own the whole chain, allowing us to offer superior quality and cost effectiveness. Our complete commitment is unique in our industry.

A year of change.

ROL Group keeps growing for the fourth consecutive year.

Million EUR

Sustainability – A part of our business

"Sustainability is a part of ROL as an organization and our ambition is that we shall think from a sustainability perspective in everything we do ".

We are a global business with production on three continents and almost 800 employees in several countries. In addition to our own production facilities, we have suppliers who provide us with raw materials and components for our products. With our global presence it comes great responsibility for ensuring that our employees have a good working environment, as well as the environmental impact of our production facilities. Since we have the opportunity to affect the situation of our suppliers, we also have responsibility for the impact on human and the environment

The challenges in the supplier perspective include ensuring that our suppliers comply with the requirements we have set in our Code of Conduct. In our own production facilities, the challenges are, among other things, to meet the different cultures that characterize our facilities in three different continents, as well as replace the use of fossil-based energy.


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ROL is a growing company with world-leading products. We are always looking for talent, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

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